3.5" Striped Bass Pale Ale Casting Spoon Fishing Lure

Devils Backbone Brewing Shop

$8.00 USD 

What could be better than the bold taste of a Striped Bass Pale Ale? How about catching a big striped bass on our Devils Backbone 3.5" Striped Bass Pale Ale Casting Spoon Lure!

Made by Pelican Lures, this is a scratch and fade resistant two sided lure with Striped Bass Pale Ale and Devils Backbone Brewing Company on the front with our signature Striped Bass on the back in a dazzling metallic finish and 3-dimensional appearance that are sure to drive the fish wild!

Total Dimensions with Hook: 4.75" W x 1.25" H (Spoon - 3.5")
Made in USA
Designed in Canada

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